Below are some examples of Speed Genie conversions for woodturning/metalturning lathes.

1.       Axminster 900-950-1000, This kit is 1HP and aslo fits the SIP, Perform, Warco, etc.


2.       RECORD DML305, this kit is 0.5HP and fits the RECORD CL0, CL1, CL5, DML24, DML36, RPML300


2.       Nova 3000, 1HP kit. Also available 1.5HP and 2HP kits, these will fit on the Nova 1624-44 as well.

The motor in the image above is a 2HP with pulley modifaction ready to fit to 1624-44.

The controller pictured above is a 2HP

version with fwd/rev and 5/15secs selector



3.       Tyme Avon, this unit has a B56 imperial motor with 5/8 diameter motor shaft. The Avon has a 1HP kit and the Cub can be fitted with either the 0.5HP or 1HP kit.

5.       Below is one of our most famous and flagship Speed Genie kits! The 1HP Record kit, this unit will fit the RECORD  CL2, CL3, and CL4


6.       1HP Speed Genie fitted to Boxford metal lathe under carriage.


7.       0.5HP Speed Genie fitted to a Record RPML 300



Speed Genie kits available for the following lathes

Union Graduate/Jubilee, Tyme Avon/Cub, Myford Mystro/ML8, Nova 3000/1624-44, Axminster 900/950, SIP, Warco, Draper, Perform, Jet, All RECORD lathes, Selbix, Sorby, Wadkin, Turnstyler, VB. Please contact us with any enquiries you may have regarding other machines.


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